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How to Choose Running Shoes? How to Choose Running Shoes Well


08 Sep,2023

1. Choose shoes that suit your foot shape. The type of arch of each person's foot also affects the choice of running shoes. Usually, the arch of the foot is divided into high arch, low arch, and normal arch. Choose light, loose shoes for high arches. Low arches, when buying shoes, it is important to choose a shoe with stronger support at the arch to prevent knee injuries. Normal arches are suitable for most shoes.
2. Based on one's own weight, if you are a heavy novice runner, cushioning is indeed the preferred option for running shoes. Good cushioning can reduce reaction forces during running and protect our ankles and knees. For people with light weight, entry-level is enough, don't think top level is best.
3. Choose whether to buy off-road running shoes or road running shoes based on your running location. If your running route is on mountain, dirt, or bumpy roads, then you need to buy off-road running shoes; If your running route is in a city with smooth roads, you should choose road running shoes.

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