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The Road to Upgrading Jinjiang -- Chen Xiaokang, Chairman of the Board of Directors,'s Views on County Exploration of Chinese path to modernization and the Promotion of Jinjiang's Experience


19 Jun,2023

Jinjiang, Fujian, is a model for the development of county-level economy in China.

At that time, the gross domestic product of Jinjiang Gross regional product at the beginning of the new century exceeded 30 billion yuan, more than seven times the total economic output of 1978.

Over 20 years of adherence, over 20 years of practice. The "Six Always Adhere" and "Properly Handle the Five Major Relationships" demonstrate the surging power of the "Jinjiang Experience", guiding Jinjiang to take the lead on the path of high-quality development. In 2022, Gross regional product will achieve a gross regional product of 320.743 billion yuan, which is equivalent to rebuilding 10 Jinjiang in 20 years; The added value of the city's primary, secondary and tertiary industries accounted for 0.7%, 61.5% and 37.8% of Gross regional product, respectively. Jinjiang, a beautiful city with excellent industries and strong population, is more vibrant in the new era.

On the new journey, we should do a good job in inheriting and carrying forward the "second half of the article" of "Jinjiang experience", promote the exploration of Chinese path to modernization in the county, and Jinjiang strives to open the road of upgrading.

Improving urban energy levels and promoting industrialization and urbanization

In Jinjiang City, there is a ten thousand acre rice field, and the river next to the field is called "99 Creeks".

Entering this rural area, the view suddenly became clear. A few songs of the Qingxi River combine fields, forests, water, and villages into the painting. The gentle breeze brings in the chirping of turtledoves and colorful ibis, making people feel refreshed and calm. Around the fields, there are clusters of modern residential buildings with Minnan characteristics, and some villagers are busy with the upcoming beverage shops and restaurants... It is unexpected that the construction of high standard farmland can be so poetic and innovative.

For more than 20 years, Jinjiang has persistently changed the urban landscape and established the urban layout of "one city, one main and two auxiliary areas, and two bays and two belts" with a new urban construction concept.

Solve difficult problems through reform and seek space from existing resources. With the support from the national level, since the end of last year, the new exploration of revitalizing the pilot of inefficient land use has been launched in Jinjiang. The inefficient land use in the whole city has been checked one by one, and the preparation of special plans, research and issuance of policies, construction of demonstration projects and other work has been carried out in a coordinated and efficient manner.

The new urbanization with people at the core is the only way to Chinese path to modernization.

Greet talents with the best courtesies. Launch a "1+N" talent policy system, build a high-end talent community, and recruit talents from both domestic and international markets; Provide 30 citizenization benefits for the "new Jinjiang people", including education, medical treatment, employment, housing, and other "new and old Jinjiang people are the same"... Jinjiang gathers people to revitalize the city and promotes production by retaining people.

Love will win through competition, competition in the pattern, and victory in courage. Carry the mission for the country and take on the responsibility of Jinjiang.

Jinjiang held a conference on optimizing the business environment, launched the implementation of the "pro Qing project", established a "business environment experience officer" working mechanism and a "morning, noon, and dinner" government enterprise interaction system for advanced regions, and further constructed a new type of government business relationship of "pro not exceeding regulations, clear not distancing", creating a strong atmosphere of respecting business, pro business, and ensuring business safety.

The government is proactive, the market is effective, and the "visible hand" and "invisible hand" each fulfill their respective responsibilities and demonstrate their effectiveness. Enterprises are more bold and confident in their development.

Financing is better than intelligence, intelligence is better than heart. People familiar with Chairman Chen Xiaokang of FUJIAN LANDHIKER IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. often hear him say this sentence. Adhering to this philosophy, he barehanded created a vast world in Jinjiang.

Chairman Chen Xiaokang stated that after years of entrepreneurship and development in Jinjiang, his achievements cannot be separated from the guidance of the "Jinjiang experience" and the nutrients provided by this entrepreneurial hot land. In his view, the current environment for the development of private economy is better, and the accumulation of entrepreneurs is deeper. We should enhance confidence, unleash the spirit of love and courage to win, dare to innovate, and take action to jointly promote the high-quality development of private economy

Chairman Chen Xiaokang, who holds important positions in various chambers of commerce such as the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province, the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou, and the Pingxiang Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen, has been looking forward to bringing together Jiangxi entrepreneurs who have started businesses in Jinjiang to create a united and upward oriented chamber of commerce organization.

Under the leadership and organization of Chairman Chen Xiaokang, in 2021, the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Jinjiang City was officially established, uniting 400 member enterprises. He was also unanimously elected as the founding president.

After the establishment of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Jinjiang City, we adhered to the leadership of party building and established the Shoe Industry Committee, committed to continuously building a "learning oriented" organization. Chairman Chen Xiaokang introduced that the Chamber of Commerce has carefully organized various learning and exchange activities such as salons and forums to guide member enterprises to actively improve themselves. Nowadays, the Chamber of Commerce has built a 'live streaming room' at the conference site, where member enterprises can participate in training, use equipment, learn live streaming sales, and embrace new marketing models. He hopes to rely on the Chamber of Commerce to achieve "integration", continue to play a role as a bridge and link, wholeheartedly provide good services, guide member enterprises to transform and upgrade, and contribute to further deepening economic and cultural exchanges between Jiangxi and Jinjiang.

The cadres in Jinjiang are very pragmatic and have no airs. Not only do they receive the same policy treatment as strangers and acquaintances, but they also give us a high opinion. "Chen Xiaokang, the president of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Jinjiang, went to Jinjiang 20 years ago to establish a shoe enterprise. He said," Time proves that I chose the right one

I am from Xinjinjiang, but I started my business in Jinjiang. My company is a genuine Jinjiang enterprise. In Chen Xiaokang's view, Jinjiang has long been his "second hometown". Chairman Chen Xiaokang of FUJIAN LANDHIKER Import&Export Co., Ltd. stated that in the future, they will continue to assist in the development of various undertakings in Jinjiang.

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