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New Materials Save the Footwear Industry?


26 Sep,2023

Bark, sugarcane, crab shells, spider silk, mycelium... These seemingly ancient or unrelated natural substances, with the help of materials science and biotechnology, have transformed into the secret of upgrading the footwear industry. The new brand Allbirds, established for 5 years, has emerged from the fiercely competitive leisure and sports market through the use of new materials and sustainable concepts; The sports brand takes new materials as a breakthrough point, expanding from the main sports and leisure market to professional sports tracks such as marathons; Hongxing Erke, which has been "wildly consumed" by netizens, has also launched sports shoes with carbon plates and new midsole materials.
Interestingly, this is a typical interdisciplinary innovation direction (new materials+biotechnology+consumption). We see that almost all innovation nowadays is cross-border, and breakthrough innovation often occurs at the intersection of disciplines.
Behind the innovation of shoe materials lies the brand's beautiful original intention and innovative ability, which also reflects the current new consumption trends. As Feng Shu (founding partner of Fengrui Capital) has repeatedly mentioned, today's consumers are increasingly paying attention to the spiritual added value that products can bring, such as health, equality, and sunshine. In the process of consumers paying attention to their own feelings and social responsibility, environmentally sustainable and technology driven products are more favored.

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