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Anta vs Li Ning, how long will it take for the Light of National Products?


26 Sep,2023

The Xinjiang Cotton Incident is not yet over, and some drastic changes are taking place.
A group of international shoe and clothing brands affected by the incident have had a significant impact on their sales in the Greater China region. Adidas and Nike were the first to bear the brunt, with their sales experiencing a cliff like decline. According to the Morningstar report, the official flagship store sales of Adidas and Nike on Tmall in April decreased by 78% and 59% year-on-year.
On the other hand, with the support of the audience's multimedia, domestic footwear and clothing brands were immediately attracted by public opinion, and the brand's recognition and favorability were significantly improved, starting to devour market share.
Li Ning, who was the quickest and most powerful, seized this opportunity with great force - using Xinjiang cotton as a label, signing a new spokesperson, launching new basketball shoes, and other measures, using patriotism and fan circles, basketball and collectibles to the extreme. For example, Li Ning quickly signed with Xiao Zhan after the incident, and that night, the same product that Xiao Zhan was wearing on the promotional poster was sold out.
Under a series of actions, Li Ning's sales and stock price have significantly increased - according to data statistics, from April 27 to May 3 alone, Li Ning's "China Li Ning" flagship store sales on Tmall increased by 419% compared to the same period last year. Not to mention, from early March to mid May, Li Ning's stock price rose from HKD 40 to HKD 65 today, an increase of over 60%. At one point, its market value also exceeded HKD 170 billion and reached a new high.
Anta, with a market value exceeding Li Ning's 200 billion yuan, did not give up. For decades, Anta, obsessed with the "celebrity effect," recently signed a successful endorsement for popular star Wang Yibo. After that, Anta's Tmall flagship store, Wang Yibo, sold out the same model by fans. In addition, the recent news of the acquisition of Reebok has caused a stir in the market, further demonstrating people's high expectations for Anta.
Some views believe that the Xinjiang Cotton Incident is a significant opportunity for the rise of domestic sports brands, and the pattern of Nike and Adidas leading the domestic sports goods industry will be gone forever.

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